Flipping my classroom to Office365

3 Apr

As I prepare for my move to Havant Academy I am looking to transfer my day to day learning and teaching edtech (educational technology) tools to a form that can be integrated into Office365, which will be in place for the entire school. So far I have found work-a-rounds in order to integrate effective edtech in my lessons in-spite of the technology available. I will be in a school which has integrated technology so it will be important that I utilise this under one login and embrace the opportunity for the students to all experience effective use of technology.

Some of my current day to day tools:

  • Wikispaces for sharing topics/homework and support resources with students.
  • Google Forms for lesson feedback.

What does Office 365 have to offer?

Wikispaces to Onenote: I have started to play around with onenote, which is a collaborative notebook which can be used quite powerfully in windows 8. Have a look at this video to help you understand some of the ways in can be used in the classroom. At the moment my aim is to have a tab for my lesson information containing a page per class which will work in the same way as my pages on the wikispace to help the students understand the journey we are on with previous and upcoming topics and resources accessible 24/7. If you have a look at teh video link above you will see the amazing onenote search capability in windows 8 that references copied sections

Google forms to Excel survey: I use a google form to collect student feedback after lessons. I have created a survey in excel which will perform the same function as my google one in that it will collect feedback in a spreadsheet that I can review and analyse to improve my lessons based on student feedback. Something that may also work that I have yet to investigate are the polls that can be added to onenote and powerpoint presentations for the students to complete at the start, during or after a lesson in order to improve assessment for learning. I’ll share a post once I have tried this out.

Next Steps

I need to start using these in the classroom and embed the processes with my new students so there is a lot of work ahead. I have found some really fascinating possibilities from watching the Windows in the Classroom videos on the Microsoft Partners in Learning website. Anyone can sign up and start working through the videos if you use windows 8 and office365 at your school or if you want to investigate the possibilities for your school.

As I progress I will share some videos showing how I have used the tools I have mentioned in this and other blog posts.

Further Learning Opportunities: The Flipped Classroom

I have spent some time developing a flipped classroom approach with some of my classes on some topics. The flipped classroom is a teaching strategy where the traditional instruction is moved to homework or outside the classroom, allowing more time in class to be used to develop ideas, apply concepts and support students in a more differentiated way. Videos and online support materials are used provided for the students to develop the basics of a topic or review key information. The students can then be assessed on arrival at the following lesson and directed to more personalised activities based on this. The teacher’s time can be focussed on maintaining rapid and sustained progress by supporting smaller groups. I think using windows 8 and office365 could make this approach more effective and I intend to blog on this once I have investigated the possibilities. In the meantime have a look at the links below to help you understand the flipped classroom better.

Flipped Learning Network

My talk at TeachmeetBrighton last year and accompanying presentation

Flipped Institute

Flipped Classroom Video explanation

Hack Education: Trends of 2012

Collection of resources and ideas for flipping the classroom

Please comment if you have any questions or points you would like to share.

Ben Rouse




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